When it rains it pours.

Evian. Famous for it’s drinking water.

That water comes from rain that falls high up in the mountains that surround the Portes du Soleil (a stones throw from Evian on the French/Swiss boarder). Sometimes (normally around this time every year) that rain decides to fall – very hard!

June in Morzine - Weather
This is Google’s weather forecast for the next week. It doesn’t look great does it? – We don’t tend to trust this site to much and often use Chamonet or YR.no for more accurate predictions. 

One of the best things about living in the Alps isn’t the amazing weather (long sunny evenings or fluffy snowfall). But it’s the feeling of being cosy and warm inside with a cup of tea whilst you watch a storm brew in the distance. A storm that forms in a matter of minutes, then drops into a mist of grey that soaks everything in sight.

It’s the feeling that, just 15 minutes after you witness clouds forming that feel like they could rain continuously for days – it becomes sunny, with birds chirping and a warm breeze, making it feel like a summers evening. That weather is pretty exciting and quite regular in May/June whilst the climates shift from winter to summer mode. Just like the hundreds of seasonaires who leave once the snow melts and come when the mountain bike tracks are built – the weather runs everything in the alps.

Here is a little snapshot of the weather predicted over the next few days. It doesn’t look pretty at a glance. But it doesn’t make living in this beautiful area any less exciting!

We love to be optimistic, yet realistic here at Leggett. We’re confident the long term weather is going to be similar to last summer, with a heap of sunshine. This time last year Morzine had floods, but this year we have Le Tour de France. So it MUST BE SUNNY!

Weather in Morzine June 2016
Yr.no is a great weather forecasting site. We recommend this for alpine weather

No site can really predict the weather. Leggett Morzine’s Tip: sometimes best to be prepared and just take it as it comes!

Weather forecast Morzine June 2016
Snowforecast is a good site in the winter. Sometimes it gets the weather wrong. But nobody can predict how the mountains shift weather patterns!

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