Brexit. The impact on Property, The Alps and Expat Moral.


The emotions in the expat community of Morzine & Les Gets have had a roller-coaster of a weekend, but it’s only made the town and surrounding villages stronger.

Brexit. The moral of Expats in the Alps is down but the community has never been stronger!

Anger, confusion and anti-patriotism are just a few emotions that have flown around the deep mountainous valleys over the past 5 days. However the news last Friday has only brought the community closer – and everyone has no choice but to crack on with life and deal in a business as usual mentality.

Here at Leggett we’ve also felt these emotions, but we’ve also had some very interesting phone calls and emails in the response of Brexit.

Perhaps it’s been the catalyst to move abroad for many people, or perhaps an urge of spontaneity or ‘YOLO’ (You.Only.Live.Once) – but we have had numerous people looking at relocating to France.

France is, and always will be an amazing place to live, no matter what European economics and politics dictates. It’s no lie that the mountains create an almost paradise like bubble – cut off from the media driven hype and strong opinions of the newspapers. Yes – we’re creating an ideal here, you can still get the news, the newspapers and access the internet like everyone else – but you have the vast mountains to distract you, and it’s much easier to ignore the negative press when/if you want to.

But what Morzine and the other villages have over many other areas is an expat community that lives and breathes patriotism. Yes – business can depend on the influx of British tourists for a living, and – Yes moods have been effected, but it’s nothing many of the longer standing companies have gone through before. An uncertain roadblock – again yes, but certainly nothing that phases the majority of the locals.

This is why the communities in the mountains will always remain strong. Positivity, freedom and relaxation fills the alpine towns – it always will when everyone is obsessed by mother nature and community rather than Netflix and stress.

This is why we love the Alps and we know that the majority of the community will agree, whether they have completely relocated here to set up business or just to own a second home. It’s a breath of fresh air from the 100 mile an hour life that – in our opinion – is caused by the constant worry that the UK media causes.

But we love that 100 mile an hour mentality right? A good gossip, a juicy news story or the hype, which the UK have when they get behind a national or local sports team?

Fortunately you still have that in the mountains. But simply just head out for a ski or a hike in the mountains when it gets to much. There is always the local bar or Social Media to fall back on if you get bored!

No – the phone calls we’ve received this weekend aren’t for our high end chalets. However we have had lots of interest from people relocating to the mountains who simply want a better way of life when they feel in control of their destiny.

Brexit. The moral of Expats in the Alps is down but the community has never been stronger!

If you’re interested in what we have to offer have a look at these properties and get in touch directly with Nicky on or simply call for a chat about the current situation if you’re looking to buy or sell on 0627862704.

A Selection of Chalets For Sale near Morzine – France

2 Fantastic Chalets For Sale in the Nyon Area of Morzine

Modernised 4 Bedroom Chalet For Sale in Le Biot – £304,610

Detached 4 Bedroom Chalet For Sale In La Baume – £392.113

4/5 Bedroom Chalet with Separate Apartment Near Morzine – £362,395

Yes things are uncertain right now, but the magnetism of our community, landscape and optimism have obviously shone brighter than ever over the past few days.

Leggett Immobilier – Local Knowledge You Can Trust

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