Your balcony view in summer. Your balcony view in winter! What’s best?

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The age old question.

Summer vs Winter…Which is better?

Waking up early to get first lifts and first tracks around the Portes du Soleil is a fantastic feeling in both the winter or summer months is a great way to start the day.

Heading to the bar where you know all the locals will be telling their tales of either the powder runs they conquered or the bike or hike trails they pursued that day makes for a refreshing conversation in the evening as well, from start to finish it’s always fun!

It’s a pretty phenomenal place Morzine. You either wake up to luscious green mountains or you wake up to snowcapped mountains. Yes you’ll witness an occasional thunderstorm, rain cloud or hail storm – but trust us, it’s 10 times better seeing the storm role in whilst living in Morzine than a city.

Wake up to this each morning!

“Be prepared though. You’ll meet a circle of friends who will want to drag you skiing, hiking, running, cycling or mountain biking – what ever the weather!”



So – Summer or Winter in Morzine?

Summer Sports & Activities in Morzine & Les Gets.

The main sport in Morzine & Les Gets during the summer is a close tie between Mountain Biking and Road Cycling. This year Le Tour de France comes through Morzine at the end of July, whilst at the start of June we had Crankworx – arguably the biggest Mountain Bike competition in the world.
You’ll also see tonnes of people into hiking – with some amazing hiking routes for all abilities. Whether you want a small hike down the river or you want to climb the numerous peak around Les Portes du Soleil – you’ll discover new hiking routes every summer.

Swimming, Rafting, Parapente and Skateboarding are also very popular in the summertime with some great facilities.

Winter Sports & Activites in Morzine & Les Gets.

The laidback, relaxed atmosphere that summer & inter-season brings gets a little bit busier in the winter. When the mountains turn white many more tourists head to town to make the most of the vast array of facilities Morzine offers in town and on the surrounding mountains.

Skiing & Snowboarding.

Obviously this is the main attraction in the winter with Les Portes du Soleil’s huge amount of lifts starting up and operating throughout the day. Les Portes du Soleil has 201 ski lifts and spans across a huge 650km of runs! Again – you’ll struggle to cover the whole area in a season (or 4!) and the area offers some of the most diverse skiing in the Alps.


Ice hockey & figure skating is popular by the locals (especially through the French school system) and you’ll see regular ice-hockey fixtures & events at the large Morzine/Avoriaz Penguins indoor ice hockey stadium in the middle of Morzine town.

The Town

War Statue in Morzine Centre

Morzine & Les Gets (Plus the surrounding villages around the valley) are unique compared to many other alpine ski resorts. Situated just over an hour from Geneva, the town is very much a year round habitable place. The supermarket opening hours may slightly weave around the in-flux and departure of seasonaires and tourists in-season, however their is a solid base of expats and French (plus Germans, Spanish, Dutch and more) who live here full time.

The towns have events throughout the year that bring everyone together and the schooling system creates regular events such as dance routines to show off what the children have been up to in school during term time. In the summer school holiday time there is a summer school which creates an active program to keep children engaged while parents are at work. In the winter time ski school and ice hockey / figure skating is very popular for children and teenagers.

So – i’m sure you’ll agree. It’s a tough question deciding which season is better!

The truth is that each season is different, but just as amazing as each other. Whether you wake up to see fresh snowfall on the pavement, or it’s 28 degrees and the evenings seem to last forever – the mountains are always alive and the town is always fun.

Perhaps it’s your time to try it?



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